Pyrotechnic Shipping

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Pyrotechnic Shipping

Post by addo » 18 Apr 2010, 13:18

- How is it done? I mean, you can't even break wind near a post box without contravening hazmat regulations and probably anti-terror laws.

Yet if I need a pyro belt for an Alfa that's out of stock in Oz, it turns up less than two weeks later from overseas - clearly not surface mailing!

Any ideas, folks (and would we plebs have access to the service)?

Thanks, Adam.

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Post by CitroJim » 18 Apr 2010, 13:35

There's regulations as long as your arm concerning shipping hazmat by air Adam..

Basically, anything goes as long as it's packed properly to the IATA specification and critically, the chief bloke who drives the plane is content to have it aboard.

I know aerosol cans years ago had to be packed in wood shavings...

What , pray is a pyro belt?

Is it a device to quickly destroy an Alfa when you become so frustrated with it that something has to give?

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Post by addo » 18 Apr 2010, 13:39

I meant like the seatbelts with pretensioners built in (unlike the Xantia where it's in the stalk).

Alfa isn't on the road (except when shuffling too many cars for washing) but it's lovely to look at. :lol:

Regs don't seem insurmountable at your end - least as you describe them; I may have a scrappy mission for John.

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Post by HDI » 18 Apr 2010, 14:12

Basically , you can declare what you like on the parcel !! You would have a problem if it was a hazard , took a plane down and it hadn't been declared honestly !!

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Post by citronut » 18 Apr 2010, 15:04

so as long as you put an the lable it's not dangerous honest it's a safety device, then the plane droped out of the sky this would be ok,

thats if they can read the lable afterwards

regards malcolm

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Post by myglaren » 18 Apr 2010, 15:09

No problem really as all the planes are grounded anyway :twisted:

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Post by addo » 29 Apr 2010, 12:15

It looks like UPS have the exploding seatbelt/airbag market stitched up.

Royal Mail are no go, Fedex won't do them, Pack&Send neither.

Don't you love how a global marketplace means more competition and better prices for the consumer? :roll: