Andyspares Forum Bias questions.

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Andyspares Forum Bias questions.

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I noted a post the other day, regarding the question of bias on this forum due to its relationship with Andyspares, and felt that in Jon's absence (currently on paternity leave, feel free to send congrats to [:I]), I would answer this question.
Although this forum is owned by Andyspares/GSF, the only employee you are likely to ever see posting would be the Andyspares IT Manager, Jon (sometimes posts with 'Admin').
Myself, I work for Interwired, the agency that develops, maintains and hosts this website, and apart from having built a good friendship with Jon, and being a car-nut myself, I do not work directly for Andyspares/GSF.
The moderators for this forum have no affiliation with Andyspares. They are popular members, who kindly volunteered their roles for free.
All postings on this forum come from French car owners with no connection to Andyspares, except Jon who is a serious Citroen fan, having owned a scarily large amount of Citroens over the past 20 or so years.
If a member of the forum needs a new part for there car, then Jon has been known to provide a part number and price, and I’m sure you will agree that this makes perfect sense and is also an assistance to forum members.
Please be assured that this forum is aimed at providing unbiased technical assistance to French car enthusiasts and owners, from French car enthusiasts and owners.
Its main advantage to Andyspares/GSF is the hits it brings to the website and the straightforward marketing it provides which is why the ‘top Brass’ allow Jon to keep this forum, rather than direct sales.
Plus it gives Jon something to do in his lunch hour [;)]

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perhaps more importantly Jon has on numerous occasions found out highly technical details about GSF stock which might not otherwise be available, making him OUR inside man!!