Is it "Berlingo" or "Bourlingueur?"

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Is it "Berlingo" or "Bourlingueur?"

Post by alan s » 09 May 2003, 16:08

Check out this & be prepared to be shocked as well as surprised at what Franco Sbarro has done to a Berlingo;
Better not look Jon; you'll only want one [}:)][:p][}:)] ... ourgb.html
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Post by JohnD » 10 May 2003, 16:09

Who remembers Dutton kit cars of the 80's? When I saw the picture of the Bourlingueur I thought they were back again. The Sierra, I think they called it. If I remember rightly, Tim Dutton had a Court case with Ford over the name. Since Dutton launched his kit just ahead of the Ford car, the outcome of the case was that it had to be called a Dutton Sierra. A fibreglass body on a steel chassis using Ford Mk2 Cortina mechanicals.


Post by Jon » 16 May 2003, 18:24

That is simply vile.
No other word for it.

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Post by FFX-DM » 20 May 2003, 16:15

Er, it looks like a Freelander crossed with Max Headroom (anybody else old enough to remeber him?!).

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Post by Zummerman » 20 May 2003, 21:30

Max Headroom? Quite a young bloke isn't he?