Citroen new car deals

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Citroen new car deals

Post by geoffburge » 29 Apr 2003, 17:51

Thinking of changing my old Citroen I was pointed to this site - - it's the huge bloke off Top Gear - and he has 2 best deals this week for Citroen C5 and a Picasso.
Bit sceptical of these sort of things but I emailed him and he has written back with dealer details and quite a substantial saving. I guess it only helps if you are planning on buying either of these models but as I was hoping to get a C5 it seems he could be saving me a few quid.


Post by Jon » 29 Apr 2003, 19:26

Theres plenty of top Citroen deals on the net just now, many from Citroen dealers
Youn could try (Windmill Hill, Swindon)
or (Broads Motor Group, Citroen deals on line)
Certainly C5's are plenty cheap, we just bought a 2.2HDi Auto estate SX from Slip End Garage Luton at an amazing deal off list with 0% APR too, for my bosses' Dad.
I've also checked out who are offering some good deals on most new Citroens.

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Post by geoffburge » 30 Apr 2003, 01:51

Thanks - seems they are offering some good deals as well - means I am going to have to keep shopping around I suppose!

alan s
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Post by alan s » 30 Apr 2003, 04:41

Probably strange me chiming in on this topic from the other side of the World, but it appears Citroen are on a "let me do a deal YOU can't resist!!" type promotion everywhere.
Over here in Oz,about the only thing in a car you can buy cheap is what we call Korean throwaways; buy 'em cheap, kinda goes to the end of the warranty, then sell within 12 months of warranty ending (while you still have a deposit in equity left) & buy another. Local stuff & some Jap models come good at model run out time but rarely if ever do we see it with European stuff.
The C5 however has kicked this trend by certain dealers being able to offer "company executive" vehicles heavily discounted. A mate of mine bought one which from memory had about 5000 klms on the speedo for around A$8000 off. The dealer gave him a choice of models & colours as well as varying mileages.
Citroen aren't that big an operation in Australia; let's face it, up to last year their sales were about 800 odd for the entire year nationally so I don't know where all the "executives" come from unless everybody drives a different car every week.
It was causing a bit of concern amongst potential owners worrying what the effect might be on resale values (as the C5 sells for around A$50,000) but of course the response was that these were not new vehicles (even though they hadn't been officially registered) so effectively shouldn't have a bearing on resales a year or two down the track, whereas, reducing the new price accordingly could have.
It seems they're determined to get heaps of these things on the road everywhere or they've over produced?? Either way, we of the poorer set can look forward to having a wider choice of models & colours in the future [:D][:D]
Alan S


Post by Jon » 30 Apr 2003, 19:53

"Company Executive" vehicles huh? More like new ones they've pre-registered or run as a demo just so that they can record some sales each month!
The problem with this for the C5 (and other heavily discounted Cits like the Saxo and Xsara) is that residual values are low. The C5 is one of the biggest losers over the first year.
In comparison, a BMW or Audi of the same size have much better second values, even after 3 years, justifying the higher initial purchase price.
As you say, the only winners are people like me or you buying their car after 3 or 4 years!
Citroen in the Uk seem to have established themselves as a purveyor of bargian basement stock and dubious "special editions". At least its selling cars though.

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Post by geoffburge » 01 May 2003, 01:04

Sorry - you've lost me - Jason has emailed me back and these are brand new UK cars.
I know depreciation on these is high, but at the end of the day, it's the car I want, so this deal seems pretty good, unless someone can prove me wrong.
Anyway, what's all this nonsense about BMW and Audi - thought this was a Citroen group?! [:)]
All the best

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Post by blueboy2001 » 01 May 2003, 01:05

If you're after a new Citroen there are a couple of good places to try:
Dutton Forshaw Preston - On the Citroen Picasso forums their sales manager Ian Gillies proclaimed they could offer the best deals on new Citroen's. I got a quote of him for my C5 and he was £125 dearer than what I paid, but I got mine very cheap as I'm friendly with the salesman I bought it off. His email address is and he has no problems giving a price via email. His prices include delivery to any mainland UK address too which must cost them a few bob. Not sure what he's like with finance buyers though.
If your buying on finance, give Barclays Motors in Warrington a try as they do finance at very good rates and their cars aren't expensive either.