Trailer Licence

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Trailer Licence

Post by vanny » 09 Apr 2003, 17:13

Need to rack the brains of those who know. I need to get a B+E trailer licence in the next couple of weeks. I know the test basically consists of a few manouvers such as reversing a trailer (off road) and slowing down (again off road which humours me!) and then a general tootle around. Is there anything i need to know, anything that i should be aware of. Where im to do the test i have NEVER driven around before, so ill ave to go check that one out. Has anyone ever done the new fangled trailer test before?

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Post by FFX-DM » 09 Apr 2003, 20:16

<i>B+E trailer licence</i>
What's this? Something I should know about for general trailing, or is it some specialist thingy?

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Post by JohnD » 10 Apr 2003, 00:16

Any driver who took their test before 1st Jan 1997 already has a B+E licence. Those who took the test after that date only have a B licence. If they wish to tow a car and trailer whose train weight is more than 3500Kgs. they have to take another test.

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Post by vanny » 10 Apr 2003, 09:48

So im a baby as far as driving is concerned, leave me alone!! But realistically it really gets me that although i hae experience towing BIG trailers im legally not allowed to. Where as someone who has never towed, nor drove a large vehicle (upto 9 seats) can jump in and drive both, off the road, into a rail line and kill multiple people. I know that most people are affriad to drive trailers, but where i used to work i saw far to many people driving fully loaded car trailers for the first time without any sort of clue what they where doing. Im only seemingly getting a trailer licence so that i can drive a BIG trailer for a Uni sports group to save on problems with licensing/insurance for the minibus!