Is it progress?

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Is it progress?

Post by JohnD »

I've been looking after my cars for 45 years, and last week I needed to fit new discs and pads to my Xantia prior to MOT. Having got it jacked up and the wheels off, I felt for the calliper bolts to slip on a 17mm socket, only to find it was held on with TRX star bolts. Since I didn't have the necessary, I had to leave the job and go to the tool shop. Later, I got to thinking, why the change? What benefit do they have over six sided bolts? Can anyone tell me?

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Post by Dave Burns »

Doesn't matter which to you or I, but if you were assembleing these things you would be glad of the Torx headed bolt, it stays in position on the tool used to drive it, stick a bolt in a socket and turn the socket horizontal and you will get my drift, the bolt lobs over and wobbles about in the socket.
Anyone doing it him or her self with a lateish Citroen needs a good torx set, these bolts are all over the shop.