Is this any good??

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alan s
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Is this any good??

Post by alan s » 01 Apr 2003, 18:35

With my e-mail, I seem to get all kinds of weird & wonderful "offers" sent to me; from prescription drugs that I don't need a prescription for, to investments that will make me a million by this time tommorrow night, gentlemen proudly displaying their wives & sisters (the term mentally deranged tends to come to mind) in various stages of dress, a wide variety of all kinds of sick garbage that makes you wonder what kind of a world do we live in along with the try hards from Africa wanting my Bank account details so they can abscond with the country's wealth & share it with me (yeah right!!) as well as various things "as seen on Opra's show."
It appears I have few options; spend about ten grand on a professional system to knock them off the screen so I don't know they exist, or manually delete them as they come through. This can amount to about 30 or 40 a day...sometimes more. I was asking over here a few days ago if anyone knew of any other methods preferrably not requiring the sale of the family estate to get hold of & someone came up with this; supposedly a good system & best part is it's free. You can update to a full version for a small cost which looks like a good investment.
I've got no association at all with this crew even though they are as we say "across the Tasman" but was wondering if anyone else has used it & if not, how do you rate it?
If you guys have the same probs as me; could be worth a look.
Alan S


Post by Jon » 01 Apr 2003, 19:29

Looks like a useful piece of software, I assume that you have to use it as your email client instead of Outlook or whatever.
I use Incredimail XE here, if you have lots of email you can preview it before it even gets to your inbox, and delete it there and then.
However, although senders can be blocked its by name only, so this is ineffective as most spammers use multiple names when sending, or indeed use CDONTS to send annonymous mails.
Anyone else using an effective Spam blocker thats cuts the crap and leaves the good?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 02 Apr 2003, 01:53

Its good Alan, Iv'e been using it for about a year now, it allows you to sift through your mail and delete or even bounce the crud you don't want, then you just use outlook express to download your mail as usual but without the junk.
I really ought to send this guy some dosh, been a cheapskate long enough on this one so I think I will.
Check this out if you want to see how secure your machine is while logged on to the net.
Try the "shields up" test and the "leaktest" then if you want to do something about it, go to and download the free firewall then try again, I'm running zonealarm pro 3 which will also block popups aswell as being a top firewall.


Post by Jon » 02 Apr 2003, 15:10

Whilst on the subject of spam, pop ups and the like.
I cannot recommend too highly Ad-Aware 6-0 from
This great piece of free software will dig out those hidden codes and components sent to your machine by shareware, cookies, Pop ups and the like.
They can track your surfing habits, abuse your Internet connection by sending this data to a third party, profile your shopping preferences, hijack your browser start page or pages, alter important system files, and can do this without your knowledge or permission. It will tell you who send them, and what they do, and give you the chance to quarantine or delete them.
Comes highly recommended by everyone who has installed it, myself and David included. I found 136 suspect files on my PC after the first scan, and this PC has been behind a firewall since I got it. Food for thought.