Who's got the highest mileage French car?

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Who's got the highest mileage French car?

Post by blueboy2001 »

Non-belivers say French cars are unreliable and poorly built, but in my experience and from what I've read on the forums this seems not to be the case. Some cars seem to run forever! So, who's got the most well used car?
I'll start - '93 Xantia SX TD - 193,718 Miles.

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Post by arry_b »

Chap I work with had a BX diesel. The wiring caught fire a month ago while parked on his drive (electrical short to the block) and wrote it off with:
249,975 on the clock.
So close......he was warming it up to drive to work in the icy spell we had last month. That journey would have taken him past 1/4 million miles.

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber »

Saw a Xantia diesel last year with 350,000 on the clock and the Father-in-law serviced a 205 with over 400,000. Starship mileage.....

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Post by AndersDK »

On Brij Dogra's BXhome forum (http://www.geocities.com/citroen_bx/) - a couple of y's ago we had a discussion with a British couple droven a BX for some 360Kmiles. They were both employed in an oil company developing special lubrications and used their BX for testing.
Their problem was a sudden reluctant 1.gear engaging on the gearbox. Problem showed up to be a worn out finger in the selector fork - which is located in the upper part of the gearbox - where lubrication is starved a bit.
Otherwise the engine/gearbox was still running most like new......
Why is this lubricating stuff not for sale yet ???????

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Post by vanny »

<font color="blue"><font face="Arial">110,598miles and <font color="black">c</font id="black"><font color="yellow">o</font id="yellow"><font color="pink">u</font id="pink"><font color="green">n</font id="green"><font color="orange">t</font id="orange"><font color="purple">i</font id="purple"><font color="brown">n</font id="brown"><font color="navy">g</font id="navy">. So not that good for an '89 1.9RD BX, but three years ago this summer it was on 74,000 and deemed to be terminally ill and expected to be in the scrapper within the month!! (Oh, it was still getting taken to Cit at that point!).</font id="blue"><font color="purple"><font size="2">Maybe i can get an award for lowest milleage?</font id="size2"></font id="purple">
<font color="red">do like all these funky new features!</font id="Arial"></font id="red">
<font color="beige"><font face="Impact"><font size="4"><font size="6">Even has my car colour, can we rename it to Ivory?</font id="size6"></font id="size4"></font id="Impact"></font id="beige">