New member, new Xantia

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New member, new Xantia

Post by Mark W »

Just joined the forum, having purchased a 97 R reg Xantia LX TD "Temtation". Our other car is a 306 XRTD. Still getting used to the Xantia, it certainly seems bigger than the 306, more comfortable but not as quick as the 306 with the same engine.
My 306 TD seems to be spooling up from about 1800 revs with real urge available. The Xantia by comparison feels flat until nearer 2300-2500 revs, and then the urge does not seem as great. Anyone on this list who has driven both care to offer an opinion?. Have not read any roadtests on either but obviously the Xantia is appreciably heavier and wonder if the gearing is much different. A few more questions waiting in the background to ask having discovered the forum.
Thanks in advance

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Post by blueboy2001 »

The 306 TD does seem quite short geared compared to a Xantia, thus feeling faster. The 306 is also a very light car, compare a 406 TD to a 306 and the 406 feels very sedate in comparison. I think the urge you talk about refers to how quick it zips up the revs, again short gearing and light weight give the 306 a big advantage. My Xantia pulls nicely from about 2100rpm, so it sounds as if your turbo is coming in a bit late, post in the Citroen forum for a diagnosis.