what citroen would compare to my 1.9 405?

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what citroen would compare to my 1.9 405?

Post by DBAKER1980 »

just wondering if someone can answer some questions for me?
i have a 405 gri 1.9 at the moment, but its dying. ive always been a fan of pugs, had numeroud 205's in the past, but dont know much abut cits. i have seen that cits are generally cheaper. how does the xantia compare to the 405 or is it more similar to the 406. i'm basically looking fo a car similar to my current car, or like a 306. how do xantias and zx's compare. are they identical in performance and handling to the pugs? what would be the cit equivalent, or better than my 1.9 405? I reckon i only have about 500 quid to spend, so what is your advice?
any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

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Post by Homer »

I would say the 405 sits between the BX and the Xantia.
The BX is a bit lighter so the same engine will give you a bit more performance. The Xantia is a more modern car but a lot heavier.
The suspension takes a little getting used to if you have never driven one before but after a while you won't want to go back to springs and dampers.
If you've only £500 to spend then it would be an idea to take somebody along who knows what they are looking at, you could easily wind up with something that will cost as much again to fix.

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Post by tomsheppard »

For your money, there are good BXs around but they are getting hard to find. Homer is right, they are a practitioners' art. Try an independent Citroen sorceror and see if the right car can be found there. Diesels are likely to be beyond your pocket for a good car and the rest have head gasket faults which are time consuming to fix (but they can be a bargain if you can fix them yourself) and the hot ones cost a lot to ensure so you are looking for a 1600 petrol on carburettor I guess. Compared to your Pug it will feel lightly built. The chassis is designed for comfort, not handling and the ride is very smooth. Buy a late one because the suspension pipes are better protected against corrosion - H to K reg. Watch the driver's door pillar for rust at the top hinge, doors drop. Saloons are unfashionable and cheap. Estates are useful and priced accordingly. They can be expected to have worked hard and many have been taxi'd. So saying, half a million miles is not unheard of!
Citroens in this price range can be a high risk strategy. They can also be quite enchanting bargains

alan s
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Post by alan s »

These any interest?
Also, this message (in part) was posted on the CitroenBX Yahoo list & sounds OK.
"1992 BX 17TZD Turbo Estate
This car is still available. I'm desperate for the space and for the wife to
stop moaning.
I saved this car from a friend who was going to break it after acquiring a
Xantia Activa with a duff gearbox for £350!!! and a replacement gearbox for
£150. Lucky b******* £600 total cost for a mint fsh Activa. Anyway back to
the point the car in question requires, at a glance n/s driveshaft and
probably a windscreen for an M.O.T haven't got time to do the work myself
and don't have any requirement for the car anyway. Suspension seems ok and
the car drives very well. It's located in St Neots, Cambs.
Serious offers invited.
If you get onto the list you can e-mail him directly if you are interested.
Alan S

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Post by blueboy2001 »

On your budget, I'd go for ZX petrol or maybe a 1.9D - you will struggle to find a decent TD at that money.
Any dirt cheap Xantia or BX could easily cost you the same again in repairs to the hydraulics.

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Post by DBAKER1980 »

Thankyou very much for the info and advice. If I cant find the reason why my 405 wont start, then I shall definately be considering a Cit, and I'm sure the advice will help me.