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1000 Members.

Post by alan s »

Just noticed when I logged on, we've hit 1000 registered members on this forum. That's not bad when you consider it is almost 2? years to the day since it kicked off in its present format.
So if my calculations are right, that's an average of almost 10 a week registering.
Looks as though the forum is doing something right hey?
Congratulations to Andyspares & Jon for the efforts and money invested in it.
Alan S


Post by Jon »

We started (officially) on 27th January 2001. Prior to that Alan and I wrote a few topics to get things going.
Things have certainly taken off since then.
Thanks to all involved during the past 2 years, especially Alan S, Dave Burns, Dave Bamber and John D for getting the ball rolling and answering topics that I have no clue about!
On another note, anyone heard from Nisk (Nigel) or Spanners? Both regular contributors of some note who seem to have disappeared in the last couple of months.
Thanks to everyone else involved too. <img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle>
Jon Wood
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