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Satisfied customer

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"Hello German and Swedish"
"I want French. I have Andyspares part numbers if they would help?"
"They certainly would- great!"
I called on two occasions, each time for three items, two of which were uncommon and all were in stock. The call, including my card details took about 90 seconds. Well done Southampton Branch.
My BX Break is now 250 miles from the head gasket job and all is now well so I fitted the forum sticker to it together with a new aerial. That isn't a bad factory stereo and I can get 4 on long wave - essential for an Anglais en vacance. Like all diesels, Passe-partout will not be hurried but seems to manage a fair clip. The supple ride gulls me into thinking that I wasn't going THAT fast was I? but slightly indirect steering suggests that I need a new Hardydisk. That done, I shall load it to the gunwhales and commute it back and forth a few times next month. I am beginning to like it: sure the fuel gauge needle resonates with the stereo - call it character!