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Yes DJW, it stops all that nonsense and allows precise and smooth modulation of the brakes, they also feel much more powerful and are very sharp, I believe the sharpness of them was the reason for the spring being fitted, an attempt to make them feel something like the brakes of ordinary cars.

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OK perhaps I haven't explored the ultimate ZX braking limits yet. If you want to be reminded of really bad brakes though try an old Fiat Panda with no servo!
Many thanks, I'll get rid of the spring when I have some time for my own car.

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Ah, modifications, how i love em!!
All these on a BX19rd, but most could be added to anything.
The stupid coin holder which wont hold coins. Find a second cigarette ash box (later models have a big white blob on the side which stops them flying open and launching coins at backseat drivers!), and simply replace the front cover. Now you have somewhere to put all that change from McDonalds!!
Boot light, how pointless! Replace with 24inch neon (in white if you can find it). Now you can see for miles.
Tired of having to wind the back windows? (No cos your driving and it makes no difference) add rear electric windows, easy peasy.
Those nasty original BX seats gettign you down, tired of staring at the same nasty brown fabric. Swap te interior for that of the GTi. Much nicer and comfier seats, with a good trim pattern. (Bonus points for doing wiring mods and installing elec rear windows at the same time!! (Dont forget about the dash tweeters!!)
Mechanical things;
If your gonna race, stick the fans on a switch. You will cry if the temp sensor dies.
Why oh why oh why did they put the accumulator/regulator attached to the engine. Move it to the scuttle and save yourself a headache (requires some inginueity and special pipes from Pleidies).
For faster, stronger starts, add an extra cable between battery and gearbox mount. Makes a HUGE difference!! If your really brave use 6core industrial earthing cable, its green and yellow.
mods still to come;
new air intake
add rev counter and door open panel
add new temp guages as well as sensors
replace interior lights with EL cables (like coax that glows when you add voltage, looks cool, discrete and much better than the B-pillar lights.
maybe a 2.2TD froma Xantia, or even a 16v HDi would be nice <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>
sure ill come up with more!!
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on this topic, i got so fed up with not being able to see in the boot of my xantia sx, i fitted a second boot light, now i've got light on both sides & it works a treat, no more fumberling in the dark for me <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Giving life to an old thread here....
ZX brakes: I have just fitted the Berlingo/Xsara setup to the front of my 306. Now has 266mm discs and Textar pads. Still bedding them in, so I havent explored their capabilities yet, but already the car stops better for less pedal effort. I did the upgrade because of the poor braking from high speed, hopefully the relativly huge pads should help here.
Just thought I would let you all know, seeing how similar the 306 is to the ZX!!