Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

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Just a quick post to say hello to all and say a bit about myself.
The car collection include -
A 1989 205 GTI was a 1.6 but now fitted with a 405 Mi16 engine, done by me and a friend. Well it certainly cured the stalling! I'm a bit of an anorak on these.
A 306 XSI 16v, which is best described as the work of the devil.
A 1991 Renault Clio 1.4 bought because the 306 brakes so often, and like all car nuts I dont need it, but bought it anyway.
Previous conquests include 2 x 406, a 309, 4 x 405, a R19, an R9 and a Xantia TD.
I also have a good friend who specialises in older peugeots mainly, including a pair of 504 coupes.
I have enjoyed reading the posts so far. Keep up the good work. May the farce be with you.