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Post by vanny » 18 Apr 2005, 20:13

Looks like the Xm is out of the question as it's just a little bit too much expense, even the 2.5TD engine in mine will cost too much!
I've looked into getting a 12v 2.1TD but this seems to use the MLT? gear box with hydraulic clutch and cable operated box. I'm assured that this WILL fit the BX but in not too confident so will have a deeper look into it, i have however tracked the engine down for about £175 and a BIG intercooler for £100 so with a few other bits i might be able to build something to challenge the BX16v [:D]
I am however now insured on an AX, and since it's only on about 48k (its a N-reg) i intend to put some real miles on it ASAP! Durham and back planned at the weekend for BUSA!
Does anyone know of a 2.1td cheap? some parts of the car attached would be of benefit!

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Post by DLM » 18 Apr 2005, 21:46

Sorry to hear your tale of woe, Vanny. I presume it must be more than a turbo that's gone... but don't go into details if it's too painful.

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Post by ACTIVE8 » 19 Apr 2005, 00:39

Vanny, sorry to hear about your bad luck mate.
I hope you manage to sort things out, so you don't have to suffer too long in the AX.