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Post by grattsim » 11 Apr 2005, 17:39

I've seen Bio-deisel on the forecourts and read a few trends about it.
But why is it retailing at the same price or higher than standard Petro-deisel?
If I were to think about using a veg-oil mix what are my requirements for the VAT man, should I consider doing it?
For that matter which ready available oil could I use, standard vegetable oil from my local Tesco's?
If I were to mix, I was thinking of a 10 - 20% mix. Are there any added benefits, except maybe a slightly cleaner system?

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Post by Kowalski » 11 Apr 2005, 18:09

Bio-diesel costs more to make than mineral diesel its the tax that makes up the difference making mineral diesel more expensive to sell because bio-diesel gets a 20p/litre tax break.
Bio-diesel is cheaper after tax than mineral but because its a greener fuel the forecourts believe they can charge more for it, its a premium product that is cleaner and gives your car better performance.
The advantage of bio-diesel is that it is cheap and green.

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Post by grattsim » 12 Apr 2005, 15:08

Sounds about right, charge more for the greener stuff. So is adding normal run of the mill Veg oil as good for the car. I'm sure you can get different grades of cooking oil too.....


Post by martyhopkirk » 12 Apr 2005, 15:32

Searchin the Internet will no doubt provide the names of several Bio- Diesel suppliers.
Forcourt bio diesel is a mixture of dino diesel and vegetable oil. There are several manufacturers making WVO bio-diesel and this is usually 10 - 20 pence a litre cheaper than forcourt diesel. By mixing this with regular diesel (40/60, or even 50/50) you can save moneya dn do your bit for the enviroment.
Check which fuel pump type you have as Lucas pumps dont do to well running on bio diesel for too long.
Do a word search on this forum as there is a LOT written about it.