CI engines

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CI engines

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Why hasn't a compression ignition engine been producted to run on petrol..or a fuel that will allow the engine to rev higher and produce top end power as well as high low-end torque?

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If i am right, then the compression that diesel comes under (ie a compression-ignition engine) is so high, that if you try to do the same with petrol it becomes unstable which means you cant control when the ignition will take place, give it a few minutes and the engine will be totally goosed.
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Do you really like changing gear that much? The ideal engine would have the same torque characteristics as a steam engine - constant maximun torque from standstill to maximum speed. Both Steam and Electric motors have this ability and a diesel is the nearest you get to it with a recipricating engine (if you don't start looking at variable compression double-crankshaft engines as used in battle tanks).