So long and thanks for all the fish...

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So long and thanks for all the fish...

Post by tomsheppard » 30 Nov 2004, 08:06

I'm currently posting very occasionally on Aussiefrogs,
slightly more regularly on Citroenz,
Helping Jon to build Bxclub (although I should say that he is doing all the work and I'm just supplying a little copy),
contributing to the ongoing debate about the future of the CCC from within,
and posting here a fair bit.
It has become time to review my activities and see what is worthwhile.
I have told the CCC that I'm fed up with them after a week of watching them getting ever closer to disappearing up their own exhaust pipes and have sent back my membership card in protest.
They'd like to evolve but the vibe of their current culture suggests that they won't.
I was asked to give them time but "The Welcome aboard, you'll have a lot to offer once we have channeled your obvious enthusiasm" reply from a director was so patronising, it left me seething "I am a grown man with a mind of my own!"
Citroenz is currently under utilised, A pity because Brij has a damn' good site and a friendly though comparatively small forum.
I have little to contribute there because it is all already here.
The CX is esoteric. Here it is revered but seldom discussed.
The BX is popular but I feel that over the last year, I have said everything that is worth saying about it and that any issues that I have helped with from a fault finding point of view are already around for those with the wit to search the forum.
Which just leaves BX club. My role as initial registrar for this has helped it get on its feet together with wonderful support from you BXers out there. I have no doubt that it will form critical mass and I'll be reviewing my postings here to provide copy for it to help Jon make it the site it should be to keep the breed alive.
But in general, I have done what I can here and I think it must be time to spend more time with my Citroens.
I've so many people to thank that it would end up like an Oscar speech but to Jon for making it all work, Alan, Vanny, Bob Smith, Dave Woolard and many others for their advice, not forgetting UHN113X and Bernie for the laughs,
Thank you all very much.

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Post by paranoid » 30 Nov 2004, 15:04

[:D]No thank you for the laughs you mad man[:D]

alan s
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Post by alan s » 30 Nov 2004, 15:30

Just remember where we are when you need help as you've been there when others have neded it and do visit from time to time; must keep track on that CX of yours.
Alan S

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Post by uhn113x » 30 Nov 2004, 15:46

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"> not forgetting UHN113X and Bernie for the laughs,
Thank you all very much.
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
I was <b>serious</b>, Tom
Keep in touch - you can still pop in to the D-Rally and have a go in mine, you know [:)]


Post by martyhopkirk » 30 Nov 2004, 16:02

Tom - you will be missed.
You have brought more than one smile to my face - and if you ever want a play with my new AX[;)] LOL!


Post by Jon » 30 Nov 2004, 16:54

Dear Tom
Thank you for your assistance with this Forum over the years, and with the Bxclub. I hope that this continues and that your CX is all you have hoped for.
Although I am not a member of the CCC I do feel that your comments on the Club and the way that it is run, especially as you have only been a member of CCC for a short time, may be taken badly by them, especially as the Club has been going for so long and has probably seen many changes over the last 50 years. I'm sure if members of CCC read this thread they will have some comments to make as to the way that they have been portrayed. Especially as I understand that you have made posts on CCC Forum in this regard. As I'm not able to access their Forum I can't comment on that aspect, as indeed it is not my place to do so, my involvment here being as a Moderator of this forum.

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Post by bernie » 30 Nov 2004, 18:13

Does this mean we have to invoke the Cook and Moore tune

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Post by Stinkwheel » 30 Nov 2004, 23:52

Well Tom,
See you in the restaurant at the end of the univere..........
pop back now and again for a quick catch up, and if you need any help, info, or just a chat about CX's you have my number.

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Post by oilyspanner » 01 Dec 2004, 01:28

Spending a year dead for tax reasons myself Tom, your contributions will be missed, I hope you cannot resist the temptation to put digits to keyboard and entertain us with the Cx adventure, very best regards Stewart

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Post by ScottFromNZ » 01 Dec 2004, 01:47

Thanks alot, Tom. I know I haven't been around long but I have really looked forward to reading your posts. Would love to know how the CX is going. I am considering buying one myself when I can (reluctantly) sell my lovely Rover SD1 3500 V8.
If not for generous people like you that are willing to share your knowledge we would all be worse off.

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Post by tomsheppard » 01 Dec 2004, 03:00

Thank you all for your kind sentiments. I'll maintain a watching brief and of course if the CX plays up you'll be the first to know.