Seen it , touched it liked it .. a lot. C4

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Stuart McB
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Seen it , touched it liked it .. a lot. C4

Post by Stuart McB » 27 Nov 2004, 23:07

Just been and had a look at the new C4 [:D]. Both models are really good looking cars with the 3 door being the strangest to look at . The 5 door has all the usual stuff that you'd expect in a modern hatch back but with the added 5 star N cap saftey test. Loads of room both front and rear, split rear seats and so on [:)]. The 3 door well what can you say, looks a bit like the old Alfa GTV from the 70's at the back. Again you get all the usual stuff but the rear window is deceiving, from in side no problems with the view or parking. Rear leg room is a little samll as the roof line restricts the height in the back, but again you get split rear seats etc. Both cars have this strange central boss on the steering which holds all the controls for radio etc but it dosen't turn with the wheel it stays in the same place and doesn't move. Unlike some ealier Citroens build quality seems great with every thing screwd down good and proper. The range is well thought out with a good selection of engines, 1.4 to 2.0 in the petrol all with 16 valves and 1.6 to 2.0 in the diesel form. Trim is from the bottom end LX to the range topping VTS which comes with all the buzzers and whistles. Now here's the good bit prices start from £11,495 for the basic 1.4 LX to £15,295 Petrol or £12,695 to £18,395 for the diesel on the road. Options list is too long to mention but you get the idea of a modern car and add a few more like built in air freshner,Blue tooth (phone stuff) and so on. All models come with alloys except the super bottom range. a good looking motor and yet is sporty looking in 5 door form for all modern moms and dads. Heck even the wife liked it a lot [:D].[8D]

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Post by PowerLee » 27 Nov 2004, 23:45

Its a shame only the top model gets a standard alarm & they all only come with 1 remote plip.
Also ESP should be standard & not on the options list.

406 V6
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Post by 406 V6 » 28 Nov 2004, 01:01

I've seens both versions (5 and 3 doors) at the dealer last monday.
It sure is great, but i mislike that protruding bit in the separation line between the top and bottom dashboard (where, if i'm not mistaken, is the AC display and stuff).
This new steering wheel appeared some time ago on a concept, a flashback to the DS steering wheel (*sigh!*).
If it had some old fashion and comfy HA suspension... why not? [:D]

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Post by oilyspanner » 28 Nov 2004, 16:34

Seen the Ads I cannot wait for em to become ten years old so we can pick em up off Ebay with a flat tyre for a hundred quid;)

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 29 Nov 2004, 00:48

Why wait for 10 years to pass. As with everything Citroen this time next week they'll be worth about the same as a packet of fags. LOL