How Many Keys?

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How Many Keys?

Post by martyhopkirk »

Citroen AX - How many keys should they have then?
Looked at a few early motors with one key, looked at a N plater garage swore blind they all came with a different key for the ignition barrel.....
Go on somone enlighten me please.

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Post by JohnD »

My Xantia came with two plip keys and one plain one. Obviously if you lock up with the plip key and then unlock with the plain one, the alarm goes off.

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Post by wheeler »

i take it you mean is it supposed to have different keys for the ignition & doors/boot/fuelcap ? if thats what you mean then an N plate should deffo only have one key,the early models may have came with different keys though.

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Post by nick »

I'm <i>fairly</i> sure that all Citroen cars from the BX onwards had one key to fit everything. As far as I know the last Citroen to have different keys for different locks was either the GSA, or possibly the Visa. Certainly the AXs I've seen all had one universal key from new.

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Post by bikeboyz »

I think all post '83 PSA went to one key Neiman didn't it?

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Post by nick »

Peugeots seem to have a different key pattern to Citroens for some reason. BX and early AX keys had "Simplex" stamped on the plastic top. I think late GSAs had this type of key too.

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Post by mbunting »

2 AX's, 1 x 94 and 1 x 95.
One petrol, one diesel.
( one scrapped !! )
Both of them only had one key ( although I think brand new, there would have been two sets of ONE key ).
Probably different because of the screwdriver in the lock crooks, and replacing only the door locks, and not the ignition as well - hence a key for doors and one for the ignition.

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Post by James.UK »

Hi Marty, dunno about the AX but both my ZX's have one key that fits everything. And I have two of each key, for each car.. i.e. each car has a spare key..


Post by martyhopkirk »

Should have made myself plainer..
Had one key for the door locks and another for the ignition. To be fair, it did have 2 of each.
Mever had a car since my Austin Metro (1986) which used more than one key unless it had been broken into or the door locks had gone. The Lock keys looked to be genuine citroen items, but the barrel key wasnt.
In view of the cars unbelievably high tickover (1500 rpm) I decided to leave well alone.
Thanks for the reply guys. My ZX also has one key, but sadly no longer has any working locks!

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Post by oilyspanner »

My BX has always had at least two keys, the ignition switch is a heftier one than older ones and I had to replace the filler cap lock, making a grand total of three for this car, lock damage is quite a frequent thing with scumbags everywhere, thus milti key motors.

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Post by uhn113x »

Both of my BXs (1985 and 1987) had just one key for everything.
I must admit that if I ever do replace a lock barrel, I make it fit the original key.
ZX has just one key, Dyane, DS and GSA have two - one for ignition.
The GSA ignition key folds flat when it is in the car, the DS one is a fearsome thing nearly three inches long that soon makes a hole in your pocket [:(]

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Post by beezer »

Could lead to the cliche "do you drive a Citroen DS or are you pleased to see me?" But three inches?


Post by martyhopkirk »

Finaly got one today - P reg 1.5 Diesel - 2 of 1 key which fits everything.[;)]