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Good Service

Post by ghostrider »

Now most of us spend our time complaining, quite jusifiably about the motror trade, the amount of money it costs us and the way we are constantly in danger of being ripped off.
Sometime ago a thread was started about good service from garages etc, cant seem to find it now.
So here is an example of how it could be: Having had my back crushed for the nth time by the tailgate on my xantia estate falling on me due to duff gas struts, I decided to do something about it, the local scrapper didn't have any, GSF did and the price was OKish, well loads better than my local Cit dealer, and then I remembered that Pleiades recharged them and offered a 2 year warranty, so I rang them, yes they could do it for ?12.50 per strut + postage and VAT. I just managed to catch the 5pm post Thursday night, and I thought OK should get them back tues/ weds next week with luck.
so to say that I was gob smacked this morning ( Saturday) when I came down to find the struts returned would not be an understatement[:p][:p][:p][:p], not only that but they had tested them and found that only one needed doing so had only charged for that one
I feel that this sort of service ought to be shouted about[^][^] it was quick, the chance to rip me off was not taken and it cost exactly what they said it would, so a big cheer please for Pleiades[:D][:D]
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Stuart McB
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Soundslike the guys at auto teknik, who helped me with a duff idel stepper motor. Ordered on a Tuseday and it turned up on the Thursday. I had in my haste ordere the wrong one but the guys said return it and we will send out a the one your after. In the post on the Friday and the now right part was on the car fitted by monday afternoon. No problems with post and charges. Even got a refund in the following week.

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Post by Robin »

Pleiades are my local Cit indy and I have to say that they have only ever been straight and honest with me. My last visit was over the gas struts for my Xant and they were honest enough to tell me they could not help and to go to an independant gas spring company.
They cannot do an exchange service because they cannot get enough of them to hold any stock!
Knowledgeable, friendly and guiding without pressure to buy.