Another "speared" Xantia strut top...Check YOURS!

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Re: Another "speared" Xantia strut top...Check YOURS!

Post by Northern_Mike »" onclick=";return false; already do exacty what you want - i.e. reconditon Citroen strut tops and build an anti-spear device into them.

Confusion reigns because everyone refers to them as Kingas when the website address has nothing like Kingas in it!

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Re: Another "speared" Xantia strut top...Check YOURS!

Post by taffy »

i think they do put polly inserts into them ;)
and as for inspection u just need to have a CLOSE look at them..theres tell tellsigns of them failing..just look at the rubber and try and peel it back from corners(dont worry u wouldnt have to damage it it would just crumble rust...check for cracks bulges...also noises come from them when they are gona fail which sound like creaking..
if u have the money just go straight to kingas as they make a much better replacement then origional(thicker base and welds)
if ur on a budjet then gona be donners from scrap yards..
u might have a good set on there but untill u inspect them u wont know..
tbh its not hard to just take them off to inspect if ur gain for replaceing them anyway...i put pics on my post it wont take 20 mins ;)

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Re: Another "speared" Xantia strut top...Check YOURS!

Post by sparksie »

Ok, I had a look at the Kingas (why do we call it that, by the way?) site and found myself pretty impressed.
However, they make no mention anywhere of Xantia strut tops. Only XM ones.
Also, no clues about pricing, just vague hints that bulk orders are preferred and more cost effective!
If they do all that they suggest they can, I think I'll be dealing with them and not just for the Cit!
I also had my first customer take the car out (and break it!!! See other thread...) today, so I had a good poke around under the front arches last night. Thankfully, I found nothing upsetting, so I might be going to sidestep this particular pitfall