Citrojim's Ka, Saxo and Bike Tales

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Re: Citrojim's Ka, Saxo and Bike Tales

Post by Michel » 04 Aug 2018, 23:25

I communicate with Jim two or three times a week and he seems just fine and happy to me, even if his ME grabs him now and again.

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Re: Citrojim's Ka, Saxo and Bike Tales

Post by Zelandeth » 05 Aug 2018, 00:11

I'm still in pretty regular contact with him, I try to get over to see him at least once every couple of weeks.

He seems to be doing a good job of managing his life. While it's a vast over simplification, and I don't want to feel like I'm speaking for Jim or giving too much detail, but with his ME it's essentially the case that he's got a limited number of hours a day where his head is properly clear. Time spent parked in front of a computer will vastly reduce that time, so it's very easy for him to wind up frazzled in no time flat when trying to deal with places like this.

It's sad - I for one really miss talking with Jim on here (even if my keyboards are far safer from getting inundated with finely atomised tea or coffee when his humour managed to cause explosive laughter). In person though, he seems to be doing a lot better for having heavily curtailed his online I salute the decision.

I do hope that one day we might see him back now and then, but if he needs that time away from the keyboard then he needs it.

Still need to get him over here to see what he makes of the C5 with all his cycling experience - probably be the worst piece of pedal powered equipment he'll ever have seen!

I don't have many friends who are within travelling distance, but those who know me will tell that I tend to be fiercely loyal and take trying to look out for those I call friend seriously. Jim is very much in that category.