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New forum, new features

Post by Xaccers » 14 Oct 2011, 17:47

With the new forum software, several new features have been added, here's details of a few that you may find most useful:

Quick Reply

At the bottom of each thread there is the Quick Reply button, selecting this will allow you to tap in a reply rather than having to use the full reply screen. You can still use the full editor features by clicking on it's button.

Embed Youtube videos in posts

Find the Youtube video you want to embed, in the address bar it will have something like" onclick=";return false;
Put the text that comes after the "=" and before "&" if it is there, between the youtube tags and you're done.
So the below code:

Code: Select all


New post notification while typing reply

Don't you just hate it when you've spent ages typing a reply and in the mean time someone else has got in before you?
Now if you use the Reply button, when you submit it, if any posts have occured while you were typing, they'll appear and you'll be asked if you want to modify your reply in light of this.

Private Message Folders and Rules

You can now create folders for your private messages, such as for PMs about a certain topic, or from a certain sender.
You can also create rules so that PMs are automatically sorted into the folder.

Report posts

You can now report posts, which will highlight the thread to the mods/Admins to investigate and action as required. You'll be notified once it's been dealt with.