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Forum Bank Balances

Post by CitroJim » 04 May 2009, 11:58

As at Close of Play on Saturday, the forum financial affairs are in good order :D

Bank Balance: £172.32
PayPal Account: £123.83

Many thanks to everybody who has contributed and futher contributions, despite the healthy nature of the balances, are always very welcome.

Your contributions assure the long-term future of both the French Car Forum and BX Club Forum :D

These are the methods for contributing:

Payment Details

There will be four methods of paying in:
  • PayPal
    Standing Order
    Cash or Cheque using a Paying-In-Slip at any Lloyds-TSB Branch
    Online Banking
Please email with the details of your payment.

In all cases it is essential that your Forum User Name appears as a reference with the payment when it appears on the Forum Fund statement otherwise we won't know who the payment came from.

Inquiries indicate that a monthly standing order is easy and free to setup and free to amend and raises no charges whatsoever at either end. The banks have absolutely no problem with small frequent standing orders like 53p per month. This would also allow me to recommend further reducing the average monthly payment to cap the amount in the account as a security measure against theft.

Some people will prefer to do a one-off payment or perhaps less frequent SOs and this is fine.

Please send your payment as a personal gift to including your User Name in the message.
You can go to "Paypal-->Personal-->Send Money" and on the calculator-like form choose "Personal--> A Gift" to send your payment as a personal gift.

Standing Order Mandate
A customised Standing Order Mandate with the account details already filled in is downloadable from, ... 5jan09.pdf
You just need to add your User Name and your own account details, how much you wish to pay and how often, and then take it to your bank.

Cash or Cheque by Paying-In-Slip at any Lloyds TSB branch
This is like paying cash into your own account except you fill in the details of the Forum Fund account instead. An example is shown below. It is essential that your User Name is included as a reference so that it will appear on the Forum Fund statement, otherwise we will not know who the payment is from.
The top box "Branch where the account is held" is probably best left blank.
Please put your User Name in the "Account in the name(s) of" box as shown and ask the tiller to use this as a reference.
Please do not put the name of our account here as one of our tests resulted in this rather than the particular User Name appearing on the statement.

Online Banking
Whatever method you choose, please ensure that your User Name will appear on the Forum Fund statement.
Sort Code : 30-15-53
Account Number: 0199 5508
Account Name: BX Club & FCF
Branch: Lloyds-TSB, Secklow Gate, Milton Keynes

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citroen xantia activa ram

Post by savoy » 04 Jan 2010, 23:01

Thanks for the help,
money sent 21 50 monday 4 1 2010.