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Short Forum Outage

Postby CitroJim » 31 Mar 2009, 00:12

Sorry for the short outange near midnight local time. This was due to an extended power fail and I needed to shut down the system after the system ran on UPS power for 45 minutes and the batteries were near-flat.

Not long after the system shut down, the power returned :roll:
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Postby Xaccers » 31 Mar 2009, 00:28

Ah I wondered why the lights dimmed slightly over here!
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Postby red_dwarfers » 31 Mar 2009, 07:20

Ah Jim, thats where you need a UPS for the UPS :wink:
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Postby XantiaMan » 31 Mar 2009, 09:25

If you need another UPS i have one to donate...
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Postby vince » 15 Apr 2009, 22:53

I thought it was our computer :lol:
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