306TD Air Con

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306TD Air Con

Post by gwailo » 06 Sep 2004, 21:45

I recently had some corroded pipes replaced on my air conditioning system. The system was then regassed and it worked fine for about a day then failed again. On removing the radiator is was clearly apparent that the fluid was leaking from the large condenser that sits infront of the rad. I have managed to get hold of a condenser for £95 but I would like some advice on if i require any special tools to fit it. Would I need to remove the bumper to get the job done?

how do the metal pipes connected to the condenser? Is a special tool needed to detach it?

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Post by rahudson » 16 Sep 2004, 18:31

hi, is this a facelift 306 ?
first of all yes on the 306TD you need a springlock tool to disconnect the pipe @ the bottom of the condenser on the drivers side, make sure the system is empty first, get someone to do this if you don't have the equiptment, Very important! there is also another pipe @ the oposite side but this one is held on with a bolt. I find it easier to remove the front on the TD. Bumper, headlights and front pannel with fans etc, than removing from the rear, radiator and pipes are a pain. be pre-paired to do a bit of GENTLE bending of the condenser to make it fit (if it's non genuine unit @ £95 I'm gussing it is)