Dumb question, Pollen filter

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Dumb question, Pollen filter

Post by Jon » 25 Aug 2004, 20:00

Anyone know where it lives on a Xsara? I believe under the glovebox? There seems to be a piece of carpet, two trim clips and 2 torx headed fasteners. Is this the right place? I'd like to change it.
I'm also going to get the system recharged when I find a suitable local place. To my mind the aircon is simply not cold enough, but I'll measure the actual temp at the centre vent and report back I suppose.[?]

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Post by tomsheppard » 25 Aug 2004, 21:14

Jon, try the aircon without the filter fitted before deciding to regas. It can often make a huge difference.


Post by Jon » 25 Aug 2004, 21:17

Will do!

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Post by np » 26 Aug 2004, 01:56

I to thought my a/c maybe needed a regas,but after changing pollen/cabin filter,it made a big difference.I didn`t look dirty,as i change it every 5k,but a new 1 certainly made a difference.


Post by Jon » 30 Aug 2004, 03:32

Changing pollen filter was an easy job, remove 3x torx bvolts that go through the carpet trim under the glovebox, pull the carpet down. Above you is a balck plastic cover which houses the pollen filter, move this cover to the L/H side and it comes out. The pollen filter is above it, mounted vertically, ease it out. As the good book says, replacement is an opposite of the removal procedure!
Now off to get aircon regassed, not cold enough!

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Post by bbrucez » 09 Sep 2004, 19:10

I got mine done at Chilly Willy's in Addlestone for £60. He knows Honest John if that's worth anything!
BTW, what's the HDi Crazy Forum?

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Post by Brilec » 16 Sep 2004, 02:05

Where is Chilly Willy? Can't find him listed in the phone book.

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Post by bbrucez » 09 Nov 2004, 19:22

Just spotted this, sorry for the delay.
Maybe you've sorted it by now.
I found it on Honest John's website:
Chilly Willy's Mobile Auto Air Conditioning Service, Spares and Repair (HJ's local guy. Doesn't do unnecessary work), tel Peter on: 01932 848622 or 07956 371572
I'm about to clean my pollen filters for the first time but amn't too confident as I felt dizzy looking up from the footwell with a torch in one hand an a Phillips in the other.

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Post by francoheritage » 01 Feb 2005, 23:51

Has any attempted to retrofit a Citroen pollen filter to say a CX or BX?

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Post by DoubleChevron » 11 Feb 2005, 12:06

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by francoheritage</i>

Has any attempted to retrofit a Citroen pollen filter to say a CX or BX?
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I certainly wouldn't try to fit one to a CX. The ventilation is so poor without one, my bet is if you added a filter that would completely stop any airflow coming through.
Shane L.