Bitron Wiring Diagram.

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Bitron Wiring Diagram.

Post by Jon » 17 Aug 2004, 17:56

Thanks to Powerlee for finding this great explaination of the Bitron unit, wiring diagram and fan relays for Xsara, 306 etc. Click on the "Electrical" link on the top right of the page, then the "306 Cooling Fans pricipal of operation" link.

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Post by PowerLee » 17 Aug 2004, 23:13

Your welcome, No problem, Its just something I came accroos when searching for something else, lol
Its good to stick together & keep French cars alive.

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Post by wilsonkrg » 23 Aug 2004, 17:07

And its an Australian Site too.
Just to show that we do make a contribution to the French Car Fraternity.
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