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New Forum - Aircon

Post by Jon » 17 Aug 2004, 17:53

Due to an increase in Aircon related posts, most of which have been in the Citroen Forum, we've decided to create a new Forum just for Air Con posts. AlanS will be running it [;)]We'll copy or move the best Aircon related queries from the other Forums and also hopefully provide the usual handy hints if we can.

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Post by tomsheppard » 17 Aug 2004, 19:28

Great idea! Aircon is largely a mystery (especially to garages!) and takes a fair bit of understanding. This is a good way of broadening the knowledge base.
As we have Alan on board, we may as well squeeze all the know how we can out of him!
Thank you both and good luck to the new forum.


Post by Jon » 17 Aug 2004, 19:42

Thank you Tom, I was actually planning to use a few of your BX aircon tales!

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Post by zaki_406 » 10 Nov 2004, 07:25

a/c is a must here in tropical malaysia.every sinlge car must come with a/c.if not,nobody will buy.
hence a lot of workshops and many garages know abt how to fix this stuff.even under a tree mech can do a decent job servicing the a.c and it is quite cheap here.