Citroen C5 2010 Air Con Problem

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Citroen C5 2010 Air Con Problem

Post by vbhatti » 11 Jun 2015, 13:23

Hello Guys,

Hope some of the bright minds here can help with a air con problem on my 2010 C5.
So far I have had a friend try to diagnose the problem without much luck so far.

When switching on the AC, the AC light comes on, but the air blowing into the car does not get cold.
The clutch on the compressor never engages, hence the compressor does not run.
I have had the gas checked and the pressure seems fine. Cannot recall the measurements.
The pressure sensor has been replaced with no positive affect.

We have connected a diagnosis machine to the car and ran a compressor test. A click from the compressor can be heard while the test runs, which I believe indicates the compressor is operational.

Any suggestions? What else can or should be checked?


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Re: Citroen C5 2010 Air Con Problem

Post by wurlycorner » 22 Jun 2015, 20:38

Wouldn't changing the pressure switch require de-gassing the system? (or if not de-gassed, would mean you had let all the gas out anyway?)

Best thing to do would be to plug in a lexia and monitor what happens, if you know anyone nearby that has one? Using that, you can tell if it's getting the right inputs to switch the a/c on and what pressure is in the system.

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