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Air Con question

Post by johnh2000 » 03 Dec 2009, 12:58

Hi everyone

I have just purchased a Xsara Picasso 2 HDi with Climate Control. This is my first car with air con, I have a very basic question, should the system heat as well as cool? During the cold spell we have just had the heater seemed to warm at about the same speed as a non air con car (about 10 minutes). Clearing the front screen condensation took about 10 minutes as well.

Is this about right or is the air con in need of a service?

Thanks in advance


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Post by HDI » 03 Dec 2009, 13:14

Yes , aircon heats as well as cools , in fact from a cold start aircon heats up the interior much quicker than the engine will. Also , demisting with aircon should be very quick.
May need a re-gas.

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Post by johnh2000 » 03 Dec 2009, 13:20

Thanks for that, I apreciate you rapid responce.


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Post by Paul-R » 03 Dec 2009, 14:45

Yes, a screenful of condensation (not frost) should clear in a minute or so with aircon on.

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Post by citroenxm » 03 Dec 2009, 20:27

In fact a good working system will demist a WHOLE CAR in moments!!

Tried it in dads 206 HDi, it was all steamed up, so I switched it on, and with in moments it was all clear, heater was on warm too, its because it acts as two things, Air Con cooler for summer and also a De Humidifier / Air Dryer other times, even with the heater on warm, as the in comming air ALWAYS passes over the Air Con Evaporator behind the dash, air con on or not...