xantia belt serpentine diagram

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Post by nagib77 » 18 Nov 2009, 21:26

I dont know. It start working, and I can feel cold pipes.
Does it have something with out and in temperature. It is about 10 C here.


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Post by MJM » 19 Nov 2009, 13:48

The compressor will receive an off signal if the pressure is too low or too high. When it is running one pipe from the compressor should get hot quite quickly, the other should get cold but not as quick as the other gets warm. The pipe which gets hot should be the one running to the front of the car, the cold one should be running back towards the passenger compartment. The fans in front of the radiator should cut in as soon as the aircon is switched on. Just in front of the engine, on the same side as the belts, there should be a black canister with some air con pipes attached. On the top of this canister (the receiver/drier) there should be a sight glass. As the compressor starts and runs you should see the refrigerant liquid flow, maybe with a few gas bubbles.

I think the pressures and temperature are controlled by a unit called a bitron sensor. This may be faulty.

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Post by nagib77 » 21 Nov 2009, 23:56


I have found error. It was little dificult, because it is not fabric a.c., but build after. That means that relays, and everything is NOT on place where is supoused to be... And diagrams from standard a.c. are not valid.
But, it helped that I had some diagrams from this forum, and started from that point. I have found relays, and one of them was not working. It was one error, and because of that fans was not working when I turned ON a.c.
Secod, why it turn a.c. OFF after 20 sec, and then after 1 min or so, turned on again....
IT was too cold, and I supose that when a.c. computer received return from sensor before and after FAN, and soon noticed that it is not different, it turns a.c. OFF.
When I turn FAN on max, then a.c. started at work all the time.

Yeah, some more thing. I had also problem with 5.th gear. It was geting "out" of 5.th gear.
Just too much oil in gearbox! I opened it and let 3 dl at go out, until level was regular, and problem is solved.

Thanks for all assistance!