New Style Berlingo A/C

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New Style Berlingo A/C

Post by Midge » 10 Aug 2009, 17:20

Since I've had my '08 Berlingo (May '09) I wasn't impressed with the A/C performance (especially as I paid a fair bit extra as its an option). I mentioned it to the garage as it needed re-call work doing to the spare wheel carrier and they re-gassed it under warranty.

It works a treat now, no complaints, but I'm assuming there must have been a leak? My concerns are that it will still leak and I will end up with a large bill at the end of the guarantee.

Also, would anyone be able confirm that R134a is still used? or have Citroen now moved on to another gas. The reason I ask is that my local (non Citroen) garage may be able to top it up when needed.

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Post by Xaccers » 10 Aug 2009, 17:27

Pretty sure 134a is still used, the replacements haven't been approved yet.
The important thing is the right oil is used when the system is serviced.
Chances are Citroen performed such a service, which involves vacuuming out the contents and regassing with new oil.
If there was the chance of a leak, I'd expect them to have told you.
Don't suppose they gave you a readout of how much they extracted and how much they put in?