Disposal of old refrigerant

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Disposal of old refrigerant

Post by Paul-R » 13 Jul 2009, 10:50

Just bought a non-starting C5 with a view to breaking for spares.

Is there any way the gifted amateur (ahem) can drain the refrigerant from the A/C or is it a case of sod the ozone layer?

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Post by vanny » 13 Jul 2009, 22:28

A C5 will have R134a refridgerant running through its veins, it is not an ozone depetant! It does however add to the global warming effect.


A mobile AC recharge man would probably do it for cash, its not really possible to do by DIY, you need to draw the system down to a vacuum and store the old refridgerant, not to mention seperating the PAG oil.

R134-a will displace air/oxygen as it is dencer than air, and thus kill you by suffocation if your in a small low space.

Its certainly not a good idea to simply crack it in an enclosed area such as a garage.

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Post by Xaccers » 13 Jul 2009, 22:53

Not to mention the risk of frostbite if you get caught in the escaping gas.