How long should an air con regas last?

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How long should an air con regas last?

Post by Bren » 27 Apr 2008, 21:40

I had my system gassed in the summer of 2006, however last summer on our annual trip to Devon the A/C was non-existent. I have noticed a lot of frothing in the receiver dryer, so I assume that the system is empty. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Post by slim123 » 27 Apr 2008, 23:28

Approx 2 years is the reccomended re-charge period to keep it all working well, but if it has lost all the gas I would suspect a leak in the condensor (the rad in front of the rad).

The correct way to service aircon is to suck the system to a vacum, then hold it for about 1/2 hour and see if the gauge moves to test for leaks, then the correct amount of refigerent is pressurised in by weight.


I have found that the re-charge can from Halfords works well and it also contains a leak sealer, so if the leak is small it may well cure it.