fitting aircon pump

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fitting aircon pump

Post by maximus55e » 30 Mar 2008, 20:36

Can anyone let me know how to fit an aircon pump to a peugeot 405


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Post by CitroJim » 30 Mar 2008, 20:58

I presume you mean how to replace one.. If you're thinking of retrofitting one to a previously non-A/C car, then you have a major, major project on your hands...

It is not too difficult to replace one as long as you have long, thin fingers on small hands :roll:

Firstly, you must have the old one depressurised professionally. Don't try it yourself. An important consideration as older 405s had R12 CFC gas in their A/Cs which is an ozone depletant (sp?).

Yor new one must be of the same type to ensure the unions are compatible. All pumps fit the sump physically but their pipe unions differ which makes swapping them around very difficult.

Firstly, remove the auxillary drive belt.

It pays to give the old one and the replacement (if second-hand) a good clean. They get terribly oily from filter changes and an oily, slippery one is not nice to work with.

The pump itself is attached to lugs on the sump and is held on by four nuts and bolts. Three are a doddle but the fourth (the top front one) can be a challange and this one is best left until last when dismantling and done first when reassembling. In this way, there is movement available to enable you to get your hand up behind and get the nut on.

Then replace the auxillary belt and get the system recharged. A good place will refill with a "green" subsitiute if it was originally an R12 system.

Between refitting and recharging, don't engage the A/C compressor, it'll be empty and therefore also empty of oil. Engaging it, even for a short period, can damage it.

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Re: fitting aircon pump

Post by Jerb44 » 25 Oct 2012, 13:34

A bit late for a reply but others might like to know that by super glueing a spacer, washer and nut to the appropriate sides of the upper offside lug on the sump and a spacer, washer and nut to the upper nearside lug of the pump, the pump can be assembled to the car fairly easily. I found that raising the pump on a jack helps if your on your own.

When doing the super glueing, it is necessary to use the bolt (lightly oiled to keep the glue off) to ensure the glued parts are lined up.
Also be careful during assembly to ease the bolts in gently whilst rotating them to avoid knocking the nuts off.