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How Long

Post by wrinklet1 » 10 Jun 2007, 14:07

Hi, how long after starting the car, should it take for the cold air to chill after turning on the climate control?

It seems to take ages. This is on a Xantia Sx MkII

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Post by alan s » 10 Jun 2007, 22:36

Hand in front of air outlet grille, fan should kick off within a few seconds and air should be feeling very cold within one to two minutes.
Do a check on the air bubbles in the receiver/dryer as well as feeling the pipes going to ythe condensor. One of them will be hot to hold with a couple of minutes, which is when the cold air is flowing over the evaporator.
If it's just warm and the sight glass has bubbles, 99% chance the gas is getting low.

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