Xantia aircon

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Xantia aircon

Post by xf8u » 21 May 2007, 15:59

There is no cold air coming out. Also when aircon button is pressed the compressor does not kick in.
Will it need gassing up first in order for the comprssor to work?
Thanks in advance

alan s
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Post by alan s » 21 May 2007, 20:23

There is a pressure switch on top of the receiver dryer that prevents the compressor from operating in the event of too little gas or too much pressure, so if the system is dry, it will operate once the system has been recharged.
If the gas is gone, there is a leak that must be found preferrably prior to regassing and these are usually evidenced by an oil stain where it is leaking. This is preferrable to the green fluro dye they pump into the systems as more often than not, they put this in but then don't do a through leak test on the system.
If the system has never been opened before, it is a wise move to replace all "O" rings as well as fit a new filter dryer. At first glance possily won't look like the cheapest way to go, but will be in the long term as usually if one "O" ring is about to fail, the others aren't too far behind and if the system was used with falling gas charge or has been completely drained, it's a fair bet the system will be contaminated so again, a new receiver dryer will be a stitch in time.

Alan S