Xantia Aircon Compressor Operation

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Post by Mandrake » 04 May 2007, 19:39

AndersDK wrote:The dash sensor is located just next to the little fan.
Its been discussed before. Use the forum searh feature and I'm sure details will show up.
Hi Anders,

Not the cabin temperature sensor behind the fan by the clock, I know where that is - I mean the one on the evaporator...(or were you replying to the other poster :lol: )


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Post by AndersDK » 04 May 2007, 21:38

No - I thought you meant the dash sensor.
Where would be the most logic place fitting the other sensor - I bet you'll find it around there.
Never had an aircon in my hands, so cant advice.

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Post by Clogzz » 05 May 2007, 15:33

In the red on the map is the ‘evaporator temperature sensor’, but don’t know from where to look at it. :?
There’s an old post from fastandfurryous about that on the 405, so hope he’ll be back.

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Problem resolved

Post by dch-control » 24 May 2007, 10:35

Thanks to everyone for their comments and interest in this post.

I'm pleased to report that the original problem has now been sorted. Having damaged the compressor clutch coil I obtained a second-hand compressor for UKP50 (including carriage) from www.breakeryard.com/ My friendly local garage emptied and re-gassed the system for me and provided me with a photocopy of the electrical circuit diagram, which helped us to trace the fault to an intermittent compressor cut-out relay.

This relay has a violet case and is located in the engine fuse box adjacent to the ABS control module. By a strange coincidence the car developed an ABS fault just after fitting the new compressor, but this turned out to be a rear wheel speed sensor failure.

The electrical schematic may be useful to others (it covers Xantia models 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 1.9TD) so I have forwarded it to Clogzz for him to add to his photobucket collection.