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john alexander
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a/c compressor

Post by john alexander » 10 Apr 2007, 11:09

Hi has anyone an exploded diagram of a harrison compressor model .1135253. screw on pipes . I have a xantia 1.9td 1996. I need to know if the end plate can be removed so that I can swap it on to a model 1135290 this has pad fittings. these compressors are both marked as GMV5. All help welcome. Regards john.

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Post by KennyW » 24 Apr 2007, 21:25

Hi John,

Have you checked Citroen pr-net site for an exploded diagrams of the a/c compressors and the associated piping.

This will show if they are the same or different.

My Xantia 98 is delphi harrison 1135290.

I did find a site of Italian original which showed which cars had which compressors fitted.but can't remember where i found it.Other forum members may know the site.



alan s
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Post by alan s » 24 Apr 2007, 22:16

Biggest problem now is that access to Citroen pr-net has been restricted, so might not be possible.
If the bolt pattern is the same and the suction and discharge outlets are in the same place on the head, it should be a straight swap. Be certain you pop mark the head, valve plate and block before you remove.
Do not under any circumstances open the compressor in a dusty or damp environment.
Get hold of some proper refrigeration oil (PAG oil) to coat the parts with as you reassemble.
Replace any "O" rings that might get disturbed.
Compressor gaskets in many cases can be re-used but if they split in removing, replace with genuine parts.
Clean the entire valve plate and piston tops before reassembling.
If the job can't be done in one session, be certain to blank off all pipes and fittings before leaving the job.
Get the gas decanted from the system before you start. There are many reasons for this; environmental as well as health, and incorrect procedure can also be dangerous to both the person doing it as well as the system overall.
I recently stripped and went through a Sanden 7 piston compressor and it has worked the best it ever has when finished but you have to be meticulously clean when you work on these things, even for a job that sounds as simple and straightforward as this.
If the system hasn't had a new filter dryer before and has previously been opened for any reason or leaked, then a wise precaution would be to get one fitted whjilst you are on the job as it may save a further service job in teh near future.

Alan S