Advice on Airconditioning Spray. C5 2.0HDI

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Advice on Airconditioning Spray. C5 2.0HDI

Post by jmd » 08 Apr 2007, 00:59

I purchased a can of Air Conditioning spray to-day, to kill Bacteria & Fungi The directions state - insert the valve hose into the vents, (no problem there). However it goes on to state also into "the inspection duct, and the discharge pipe of the water-condenser" Can anybody tell me where the latter two items are situated, or advise me as to where I might find a diagram ? ?
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Post by DickieG » 08 Apr 2007, 07:02

I don't know about C5's but on a Xantia when the heater is set to recycle the intake opens a flap just below the windscreen on the N/S so that air is drawn in from under the glovebox. There is no way you could point a hose into it unless you take the whole dash out.

You might be best putting the fan on its lowest setting then directing the hose into the heater intake duct under the bonnet before setting the heater to recycle. Alternatively remove the pollen filter and point the hose into the slot with the heater set to recycle and the fan on a high setting.

The discharge pipe of the water condenser will be directly under the condenser, i.e. the 'heart of the air con' where the air is cooled. Its from this pipe that droplets of water emerge under the car, to get the solution in there I think you'll have to rely on it being drawn onto the condenser and then dropping off with condensed water and into the discharge pipe.
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