xantia 2.1 sightglass query

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xantia 2.1 sightglass query

Post by deian » 30 Jul 2006, 16:46

hi people,

wondering what the sightglass is telling me about my aircon... when switched on it's green with bubbles and i guess froth becauseafter a while the liquid seems to be less transparent and whiter in colour, the aircon is cold but i have felt colder.

what do u think?


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Post by Stewart(oily) » 30 Jul 2006, 16:55

According to the servicing information in the book of lies frothing and stop starting is a symptom of needing a regas.
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Post by alan s » 30 Jul 2006, 23:47

The green tells you that someone has been using "tracer dye" in the system.
Tracer dye is used supposedly as a last resort by servicemen when they can't detect a leak. It's added to the system and an ultra violet light is then run over the entire system and this makes the green dye fluorescent and therefore easier to detect the leak. Unfortunately, these days it gets over used; when I was operating, it was considered a mugs way of finding leaks, usually by non trades people but today appears to be the rule rather than the exception. With the knowledge that the dye is in the system, the first thing a repairer should do is run the ultra violet over it, but instead, most will just go ahead and regas and add more dye, so it pays for you to run over the system yourself to try to spot the leak before taking it in for repairs.

It is common for the bubbles to appear in the sight glass upon start up but then for it to go clear when it has run for a couple of minutes. If however the glass stays opaque due to bubbles, it can be assumed the gas charge has leaked to at least 75% of what it should be and a top up will improve its efficiency. Once it gets to around 50% or less, then as has been stated, the compressor will chop in & out. Slight hazyness on an R12 - R134a conversion is acceptable.
I have heard people using all kinds of things such as laser pen lights and similar as light sources to scan for leaks by the dye. If discovered, they will most often be damaged or aged "O" rings, loose fittings, holes in condensor or hoses, leaks at the T/X valve (a common one) and if can be found prior to being taken to the repairer and preferrabley repaired, can save a lot of money in the long term.

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