106 zest 2 2001 Y Air con?

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106 zest 2 2001 Y Air con?

Post by icedillon » 29 Jul 2006, 15:54

Is it possible to fit a/c to the above car? does onybody know where to get a kit from or where there may be a broken 106 with an air con kit in it?

alan s
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Post by alan s » 29 Jul 2006, 21:13

Your best bet by far would be to look for one from a car being scrapped. We did a retro fit on a series one BX16V a couple of years back and it is a fairly large project on one of those as they didn't even have the penetrations through the firewall for the extra fans so we even had to cut those and fit the captive nuts, it also had no electrical allowances made for it to be ever fitted, however on later cars most seem to have been made so retrofitting isn't the massive project it used to be.
Just be certain you get ALL the wiring and controls that go with it. As far as buying a system new is concerned..............only if you win the Pools, intend keeping the car for the rest of your life or would prefer to spend the money on this instead of a new Ferrari as the cost I think you'll find would be prohibitive.

Alan S