Xsara - total heater fan failure

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Xsara - total heater fan failure

Post by TenRapid » 25 Jul 2006, 16:36


I was driving to work this morning in my Xsara (mk. 1, 1.8 SX), and after about 5 minutes, the heater fan stopped working completely - it's been working absolutely fine up til this point, but there's not a thing now, on any temperature setting or fan setting :(

I've checked the fuses, and they're all OK, anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be? If it makes any difference it's got the auto air-con option.

Thanks, Phil.

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Post by mezuk04 » 26 Jul 2006, 09:37

You may want to do a search for this blower motor / fan in the CVitroen section as this is a common failure with Xantia's but I expect it to be a common problem with Xsara's too.

There seems to be a couple of checks (Xantia of course).

Is the rear demister functioning as normal, if it isnt then this would show that the fault is down to the ignition barrel.

If the demister is fine, then the other common failure is down to two (i think) transistors attached to the blower motor itself, they are distinguished as being riveted in place. These can fail and need to be replaced. (not obtainable anymore by Citroen, I believe Pieades only stock them ??? )

It may just be the fan itself that has seized itself, but since it was functioning correctly before I doubt this, however a check is always worth it so hook the blower motor up to an external source to see if it works (leads attached to a battery in the shed for example?)

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