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DIY Regas

Post by RichardW » 15 Jun 2006, 07:42

Having prevaricated a while, I have finally bitten the bullet and reagssed the AC on the Xantia. This is a 97 TD, so probably never been done, and the AC had got to the stage where you could hardly tell it's on. Last night at idle in the drive with the outside temp showing 25°C it was too cold to keep my hand in front of the vent :twisted: Worth the effort (especially in a black car - even in Scotland!). So here's how it's done...

1. Check that the compressor is engaging - when the AC is swtiched on the fans should start and the compressor end should start spinning after a few seconds - if it doesn't then you need to take it to an AC specialist, as most likely all the gas has leaked out of a hole, and some work will be needed.
2. Get a regas kit - make sure you get one with a gauge. The outlay might be a bit high (mine was £40 delivered) but the dispenser is reusable, so subsequent fills are cheaper.
3. Find the low side port - this is on the suction side of the compressor, which is the pipe that comes back from the car. On mine it's covered with a screw on black plastic cap, and is located on the pipe next to the compressor - you may have to remove the engine undertray to get access - easiest on mine from under the front with the suspension on high. You can't get the dispenser on the wrong (high side) port as it's too big. Remove the cap and clean the port up.
4. With the engine and AC running, clip the dispenser on the port. You should get a reading on the gauge. Mine was down at about 12 psi vs 25 min recommended.
5. If it's too low, then add some refrigerant - keep the can upright was adding - you don't want to drown the compressor in liquid! I was surprised at how long it took. I kept weighing the tin to see how much I'd added - eventually getting to 300g (which seems about right for 5% loss per year over 9 years) - although the pressure is still only just on the green line on the gauge at 25 psi.

That's it! Easy really. I found last night though that even at 25C ambient by the time I had added 200g the can had gone cold, and the addition rate had dropped right off - Tom's tip to have a bowl of warm water handy would certainly help! I think adding a bit will be part of the spring service from now on.

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Post by KennyW » 15 Jun 2006, 17:19

Hi Richard,

I see we are feeling the heat :wink:

Suggest the man i'm currently using in Edinburgh for Air Con recommended by several people I know in the trade including and ex Citroen dealer mechanic.

Can give you details if you are interested.


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Post by reblack68 » 22 Jun 2006, 21:36

It's been unbearably hot the past few weeks, even in Fife, so your post inspired me to buy one of these kits for myself. As soon as I clicked "buy" the weather turned cold.

It arrived today though and the job seems to have gone smoothly. You can tell the A/C is on now but I'll have to wait for a hot day to see how effective it is.

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Post by waynedl99 » 19 Jul 2006, 22:14

OK, I bit the bullet and tried 1 of these kits, Castrol, tbh, I found it a little flimsy and hard to press the button. BUT it worked, aircon compressor kicked in and overloaded the canister for a second, had to leave it, turn air con off, then turn it back on then try again, but it WORKED.

Will update on length of time it works for.