806/Synergie condensor replacement

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806/Synergie condensor replacement

Post by mgoodlad » 24 Apr 2006, 09:56

Car is a 1998 Peugeot 806 1.9SLDT with 90k miles. The aircon was not working when I got it, the radiator then needed replacement and unfortunately when putting it all back together the condensor was punctured and all the gas escaped. (dont ask!!)

I have obtained a second hand condensor and was looking to put replace it before booking it in to get the system checked and refilled.

The question is about the connectors - the condensor has two metal pipes with unions going into a metal cuboid "box" at the side- they have been removed from the second hand unit and temporary rubber blanking plugs inserted - do I just pull the pipes out of the old unit and push them into the new?? Will they snap securely in? Surely that wouldn't be good enough to keep the pressurised gas in? Do I need special tools or should I just book it into the garage for the swap?

Any advice much appreciated.



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Post by sub42 » 07 May 2006, 21:45

I'll take a look at mine, and see whats what OK? I don't think that running your compressor without gas is a good idea however, don't turn on the A/C yet!

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