306 D Aircon

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306 D Aircon

Post by demag » 06 Mar 2006, 15:33


I've just bought a W reg. 306. Low miles for good money. The downside is its had a smack on the O/S front and been repaired and there's still a few jobs to be done. It drives and has mot etc. so the jobs can be rolling repairs.

It looks like there's some damage to the a/c pipework at the front o/s behind the headlamp. I can't quite work out what should be there. It looks like there might be some bits missing. There's a little canister behind the lamp with 1 pipe connected and a second connector with nothing on it.

Has anyone got a diagram they could post so I can check the parts please? Haynes is useless in this area!

Many thanks.

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Post by PowerLee » 06 Mar 2006, 19:10


What engine is it? Normal diesel? Turbo diesel or a HDI?

PM me your email address & ill fire up the Pug parts cd rom for you & send you a nice picture :wink: