306 condensor replacement

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306 condensor replacement

Post by Dave1 » 26 Nov 2005, 18:08

From reading previous threads it appears some have replaced condensors. Could someone who has done this or knows how, advise whether any special tools are needed. I see on the 306 forum a spring locking tool is required. Is this the only special tool needed, did you even need it. Any advice on the above plus pitalls, tips appreciated.

Oh. and there is not gas in the system just now so no worry there. Just have to hope it holds up when refilled.

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Post by pugxpert » 05 Dec 2005, 22:39

there are 2 connections on 306 condensor one on left hand side at bottom has a clamp with a m6 nut holding it,the other end is either a screw together union (usually tu petrol engine) or a snap together connection,if you follow this pipe it goes to reciever/dryer i would disconnect it here and take condensor out like this and then pop to your dealer and ask them to disconnect this joint for you instead of having to fork out for a tool :wink: