Which valve on 406 GLX????

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Which valve on 406 GLX????

Post by Gotta New Pug » 16 Nov 2005, 02:29

Me n mate are gonna try refilling my aircon via the dodgy looking refill aerosols as my system has a leak - but is too shot to be fixed for a reasonable price so trying this as it has a sealent in it.
Question is, which valve is it that I need to use to fill the refrigerant into the system because I have 3 identical looking bleed valves around my aircon system - all around the n/s headlamp area of engine bay.
Any help would be great, and so long as someone can point us in the right direction i'll let you know how I did :shock:

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Post by mbunting » 16 Nov 2005, 07:42

Hmm, might not be the same on the 406, but on my 405, there are two valves - one bigger than the other, right up on the bulkhead with big plastic caps on..

The filler pipe will only fit on one ( the smaller one ).